The Tibetan Rainbow Etheric Weaver is an extraordinary pendulum-type of tool composed of a 4 inch clear solid crystal that is wrapped with a gel coating of the full spectrum of colors,  has a brass magnet on two sides,
and then is wrapped in an intricate pattern of copper wire.
It is made by Tibetan monks.

The theory is that when it is held above the body and within the body's etheric energy field (bascically, the area 3-12 inches out from the body),  it will begin to move, similar to a pendulum movement.  This movement will occur wherever the body's energy field is "out of balance".  The weaver is held and allowed to move over that area until the energy is enhanced, and balance is restored.  The weaver stops moving when balance is restored.

A full weaver session includes scanning the lower extremities, the upper extremities, and then the trunk from lower to upper body.   A complete session may take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour.  If a full scan lasts only 10 minutes, the remainder of the session is complimented with Reiki.

Sometimes, through muscle testing,  a person's innate intelligence may indicate using the weaver in only one or two areas of the body. 
In that case, as well, the remainder of the session is complimented
with Reiki.
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