The Reiki method of natural healing was rediscovered in the mid-1800’s by a Japanese minister, Dr. Mikao Usui, using ancient Sanskrit teachings.  This soft touch technique works with the body’s energy (life force) system.  “Rei” is the universal spirit and “Ki” is the vital life force.  Reiki offers total relaxation and stress release.  It amplifies the life force energy in our body that helps create balance on all levels.  Reiki energy sessions offer a gentle, hands-on technique that effectively aids your body in its own self-healing process.

The Reiki practitioner places her hands on or above the major energy centers (chakras) of the body.  Reiki energy removes blockages and balances the body’s energy systems.  After a Reiki  energy session the client feels totally relaxed and centered.   Reiki is one of my favorite tools to help my clients

Diana’s Training: Level I, 1992, Level II, 1992, Reiki Master 2006
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