Huna is the study of Ancient Hawaiian culture, philosophy and mind/body balancing techniques.  The teaching of Huna was originally called Ho’oMana. The word Ho’o means “to make” and the word Mana means “life force energy”.  
Ho’oMana is to empower.

The huna practitioners, the kahuna, knew that all power and all life force emanated from the One, the source they called I’o.  Energy healing, or La’au Kahea, is “medicine called from above” and this is the area in which I received training . 

With Huna, mind/body/spirit connections are made that accelerate growth
and release stress.  Techniques can include: Ha breathing, guided imagery, and
energy sessions using Huna symbols.  My favorite huna technique is Ho’oponopono…
a beautifully simple, yet amazingly effective, Hawaiian way of forgiveness.  
I offer 2 hour special topic classes and one-day Hawaiian Ways Workshops. 
         I would love to travel to your area and share
          my Hawaiian Aloha with you. Simply call to
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Diana’s Training:
huna po’o level 1, 2003
huna haumana level 2, 2004;
huna ho’omaka level 3, 2005
Self-I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono, September 2007
Lake Superior Holistic Connection
Helping others...Healing our planet