A Little Bit About My Journey
     My Scandinavian Yooper family has an interesting connection with the ancient wisdom.  As a young child, I heard many stories about my grandfather who had the ability to stop bleeding (for people and animals).  These stories fascinated me as a child.  I asked my Dad if he knew how his father did those things and if he had learned them.  Dad said that this was something that could only be passed on to the 7th child of the 7th son, so he was not able to learn how.  He said that it also could have been passed on to my aunts, however, none of his sisters wanted to learn it. 
     Fast forward to 1989….My spiritual journey accelerates: I took a giant gulp, a huge leap of faith, and left my job of 17 years as a high school physical education instructor and coach to work for an amazing small patient advocacy company.  This new career gave me the opportunity to expand my awareness by listening to my new bosses’  “New Age” tapes and by tagging along with them to numerous holistic workshops across the country. 
     My first studies, 1990-1996, were with Rosalyn Bruyere, an internationally known healer and a leader in the alternative health movement in our country.  I traveled several times to Cleveland, New York City, and Chicago to participate in all seven of her weekend chakra workshops, and her week-long intensives at Mount Madonna, California and Tucson, Arizona.  It was at one of these workshops that Ms. Bruyere performed a special ceremony for me in which I accepted my grandfather’s healing gift.   By this time I was eager for more, so I attended Reiki I and II classes in Marquette, and two week-long Minneapolis intensives with Shelby Hammit on Anatomy and Physiology of Healing.  In the late 1990’s my incredible journey continued with a fascinating Inner Voyage Carribean cruise with numerous nationally known holistic leaders, including Larry Dossey, MD, Joan Borysenko, Raymond Moody, and Danion Brinkley.  This was followed by an exceptional British Power Place Tour to Stonehenge, Glastonbury, Avebury, and the crop circles. 
      More trainings followed: in Tai Chi; LaHo-Chi; Healing Touch Levels 1 and 2A; Healing Touch for Animals; The BodyTalk System Modules 1 and 2; Huna intensives in Kona, Hawaii in 2003, 2004, 2005; an immersion in the Law of Attraction via Abraham-Hicks teachings, 2006-current...which included Vortex of Creation Cruises to the Mexican Riviera 2010, Alaska 2010, and to NZ and Australia 2011; The BodyTalk Access Technician Certification in 2007, Self I-Dentity through Ho'oponopono, Basic I, 2007, Soul Body Fusion Training 2010...and I’m eager for more! 
      In the spring of 2004, my own wellness practice emerged...Lake Superior Holistic Connection.  Currently, I share office space with Massage Therapist, Kora Mills, in the Old City Hall Building in downtown Marquette on the shores of Lake Superior.   In the past, I served for 12 years as chairperson of Natural Connections. (a Michigan non-profit organization with a goal to connect our community with holistic health practitioners in our Marquette area.  ( Check out the NC website at www.naturalconnectionsmarquette.comI am also the author of a boldly positive affirmation ABC book called, My Heart Smiles. www.myheartsmiles.net
      My heart is full of appreciation.  I love my Life!   I am so Blessed.  Grandpa is smiling!
Flying Life and Loving the View!
Diana L. Oman
Lake Superior Holistic Connection
Extraordinary Relaxation and Renewal!